What We Do

No Wheeze Asthma Camp

Every summer, typically in late July or early August the Cleveland County Asthma Coalition sponsors No Wheeze Asthma Camp at the Dover YMCA for children aged 8-12 to have a place to learn about their condition and how to manage their asthma.  For 5 days children will learn:

  • How to recognize symptoms and triggers of asthma
  • Managing their medications 
  • Learning relaxation techniques
  • Participate in YMCA summer camp activities in the afternoon

No Wheeze Asthma Camp is staffed by a pediatrician, a certified nurse practitioner and a registered respiratory therapist.  

Asthma Expo at the Dover YMCA Healthy Kid's Day

​Every year in April the Cleveland County Asthma Coalition participates in the annual Healthy Kid's Day at the Dover YMCA, promoting asthma awareness, and educating individuals on triggers, symptoms and management of the condition.  Past activities have included:

  • Bring your Bear to the Doctor
  • A visit from Buster from the tv show Arthur

Please come see us at the Healthy Kid's Day event in 2014.

Air Quality Flag Program

​Cleveland County Asthma Coalition has partnered with schools, child care centers, and public buildings to display air quality flags.  Ranging from green (air is clean have fun!) to red (those with lung diseases should stay inside) flags can be seen flying on flag poles and hanging on buildings, alerting citizens to potential hazards in air quality.  For more information on air quality flags or to check local conditions please click here

Coach's Clipboard Program

Many asthmatic episodes can be triggered by athletic activity.  it is imperative for coaches to know how to handle the situation if they have a player that suffers from asthma.  The Cleveland County Asthma Coalition gives clipboards to Cleveland County coaches that detail triggers, symptoms and what to do in an asthmatic emergency.  

Nebulizer Loaner Program

Training to Child Care Providers

The Cleveland County Asthma Coalition is available to conduct training with child care providers on topics like asthma triggers, signs and symptoms and how to make their facility more "asthma friendly."  

​If you have any questions please call the Asthma Hotline at 704-484-5195